Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Interview

Former Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Interviewed

I was interviewed by about my years as a pharmaceutical sales rep the other week and looks like they put up an article about it at their website. They were asking my about my own history and how I got into pharmaceutical sales as well as my opinion on qualifications these days for people to get in.

This interview came as a bit of a surprise given that most of my interviews and press related material are around my current career as a business motivational keynote speaker instead. But I didn't really mind doing this interview since pharmaceutical sales was a big part of my past career and I learned a lot from it. Also, I still have some involvement in this industry as I sometimes consult for pharmaceutical companies and of course, I have my resources to help others get into the field for new pharmaceutical sales rep jobs.

I did emphasize in the interview that if people are serious about getting into pharmaceutical sales, they should do everything they can to learn about the field as well as develop contacts. My free 30 minute webinar on pharmaceutical sales rep careers helps do that.

It's amazing how other sectors like this online college website finds me in the internet and for the different reasons I get contacted sometimes. I really didn't expect to be contacted for my past career but again, it's okay since as long as my interview content helps people out there, I don't mind talking about former careers.

See my interview with this college website at Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Interview

Business Motivational Speaker Now

The interesting thing these days is that I can still serve my former industry now as a motivational speaker since all pharmaceutical sales rep forces need motivation for their day to day work out in the field. I would be glad to help out any pharmaceutical companies. Just check out my business motivational speaker webpage to see my available speaking programs.

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